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There are many different types of flat roofing available, here at Re-Felt Roofing we only fit the very best products backed up by guarantee.

Be it felt roof, epdm, or a fibreglass grp roof we will give you a great service at competitive prices. So if your flat roof has past its best or suffered damage of any kind we’re the people to call to get the essential repairs carried out immediately.

For jobs large and small, be it a small flat roof repair or a full replacement felt roof you will get the same outstanding level of service all at budget friendly prices..

Flatroofs have evolved a lot over the years and most modern flat roofs have a lifespan of 20 years. So you will likely only need a replacement 2 times in your lifespan! We know of some flat roofs which with the proper care have lasted 30 years. We pride ourselves in only using the very best tried and tested materials to give your flat roof long lasting protection and a stylish appearance to boot.

Felt Roofs

Large strides have been made in modern bitumen felt roofs and the low quality pour and rolls system are now thankfully a thing of the past. Advances continue to be made in flexibility and durability of a modern hot flame applied torch on roofing felts. Typically applied in a multi layer system available in a variety of colours.

• Lifespan - Most roofs offer 10 years however we guarantee 15 with the option of 20 years - if well looked after some felt roofs can last 30 years

• Cost - Felt roofing is the most cost effective option available for your flat roof

• Damage resistance - Avoid the temptation of step ladders/ladders on your felt roof in hot weather.

• Repair - Easily repaired if damaged however patches on top arent necessarily very aesthetically pleasing.

• Flexibility - Modern felt roofing has very good expansion and contraction properties so there is enough movement to allow for both rare hot summer days and the far more common british rain and snow!.

• Installation - Re-Felt roofing have over 25 years of experience installing felt roofs and we honestly believe our work is second to none - we are backed up by our insurances and also the buy with confidence scheme of approved contractors.

EPDM Rubber Roof

Now a very popular product across the country rubber epdm can often be installed in one complete layer with the need for any joints, obviously this is dependent on the size of your roof. EPDM is a lightweight material it is elastic and strong which helps it suit a lot of roofing applications. Glued down to the deck below a well insulated roofer roof installed by re-felt roofing could well be the option for you.

• Lifespan - We guarantee 15 years - if well looked after EPDM rubber roofs should last up to 30 years

• Cost - A great value option with only a samll inscrease in cost over a felt roof.

• Damage resistance - Very tough in most situations and foot traffic, always place something to spread the weight underneath a ladder though. Can be repaired easily, but it involves gluing on patches, think of it like an inner tube repair on your pushbike.

• Repair - Easily repaired if damaged however patches on top arent necessarily very aesthetically pleasing.

• Flexibility - You will simply not beat a rubber roof for expansion and contraction, if you have a large roof where this is a real concern, EPDM is for you.

• Installation - This is definitely one for the professionals here at Re-Felt Roofing as it takes a real skill to install the roof properly, with over 25 years of experience installing flat roofs you know you are in safe hands.